Monster Cookie Bars

Cookie Bars 2

Do you need a sweet snack mid day, like me? Then these Monster Cookie Bars are calling your name. They are gooey, chocolatey, peanut buttery and just scrumptious. Your gonna love them! 

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Monster Cookie Bars

Are you like me and crave sweets sometimes? Okay, it’s not sometimes, it’s all the time. Every day around 3pm I need something sweet. Like a cookie, brownie, or a pastry. Just something to snack on. I am a total sweet snacker. I just need that little pick me up or I won’t be able to get through the day.

Let me tell you, this whole mom thing can be very overwhelming at times. My day doesn’t really start until 2:30 in the afternoon. The reason I say that is because once I pick up the kids from school it’s go go go. Then we have either soccer, gymnastics or swim lessons. And after that, I normally have to go to the store, make dinner, finish up on that blog post I was working on before I left and then try to catch a movie with the family, if we have a few seconds.

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