The Liebster Award

Today is a fun post day! 🙂

You can learn all about me and my craziness!! Hope you Enjoy!

I was nominated a while ago by Ashley at The Recipe Rebel for The Liebster Award. How fun! It’s just a way for us bloggers to get to know one another and our readers to know fun things about us. When Ashley nominated me I wanted to do it immediately, but life got in the way. I was nominated back in July. But once again life gets in the way and now it’s September. Crazy. Does that happen to any of you or is it just me? So here goes. I am a little nervous about this because I’m not sure what to type here. I’m so used to talking about food, that actually typing other things is weird for me. So here goes nothing! 🙂

Ok, so the rules are, I share 11 facts about me and I answer Ashley’s 11 questions. Then I nominate 11 bloggers to share 11 random facts about themselves, then they will answer my 11 questions. They will then nominated 11 other bloggers to keep the sharing going. See how fun is this. A great way to learn about each other.


11 Random Facts about me:

1. I get nervous every time I share a new recipe. What if people don’t like it?

2. I have only lived in two different cities my whole life.

3. I don’t like sour cream, cream cheese, and cheese in general.

4. But I love nachos, grilled cheese and cheese pizza. Go figure.

5. I prefer a glass of coffee over wine any day.

6. I love to read. I read about 2-3 books a week if I have time.

7. I worked at Hot Dog on a Stick for 8 years and loved every second of it.

8. My husband is my best friend and we’ve been married for 13 years.

9. I crashed my parents car when I was 17, so they bought me my own car.

10. I have two gorgeous babies. Though they aren’t babies any more (11 yrs & 6 yrs old)

11. I’m a horrible writer. And I’m horrible with grammar. I just try to put my heart into my post, so people can overlook the typos and grammar errors. 🙂


Ashley’s Questions:

1. What is your favorite post from your blog?

Ummm, I don’t know if I have a favorite post. I am very hard on my self and think that my post are ok. I do love the red velvet crinkle cookies pictures though. 🙂

2. What is one of your guilty pleasures?

I love to sit by myself and watch Outlander with a cup or two of coffee.

3. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Cancun, Mexico

4. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, semisweet or white?

Milk Chocolate

5. What is one of your favorite blogs to follow?

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. Every single dish I have made of hers is absolutely amazing!

6. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Crocodile in Florida. Felt bad and weird to eat it, so I just took a nibble.

7. If you aren’t a full-time blogger, what is your “day job”?

Full time mom and wife.

8. What is a favorite recipe from your childhood or cultural background?

I would have to say my mom’s tacos or beef & macaroni

9. What is the best movie of all time?

Don’t have one really. More into books. Twilight is my favorite book. So much I went to a book signing of Stephanie Meyer.

10. What is one of your hobbies aside from food, photography, and blogging?

Don’t have time for hobbies at the moment. To bust with kids, hubby, blogging and life. But I sure do love vacations. Can that be a hobby?

11. What is one lesson you’ve learned since started your blog?

That people are really nice. Don’t be scared to ask for help. Everyone is trying to get there blog out there


The bloggers that I nominate are:

1. Monica at Lick the Bowl Good

2. Emily at Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt 

3. Meghan at Buttercream Blondie 

4. Emily at It Bakes Me Happy

5. Amiee at Shugary Sweets 

6. Mel at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe 

7.  Amy at Amy’s Healthy Baking 

8. Stephanie at Macaroni and Cheesecake

9. Maegan at The Baker Mama 

10. Ellen & Amiee at Like Mother, Like Daughter 

11. Alta at Tasty Eats at Home 


Questions for my nominees:

1. Why did you start your blog?

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

3. Brownie’s or Cookies?

4. Do you like to relax on vacation or go, go, go?

5. What do you like to do in your “free” time?

6. What’s your favorite recipe that you like making over and over?

7. What’s you favorite music?

8. What camera do you use to take all those gorgeous food recipes?

9. If you could go away for one week all expenses paid, where would you go?

10. Early riser or Night Owl?

11. What’s the best comment you’ve every received on your blog?


Thank you Ashley for the nomination! I hope to hear from all of you. I understand we are all busy, but if you have the “free” time I’d love to learn more about you! Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂